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Samira Ahmedbeyli,  Azadlyg newspaper, Baku
Alexander Avanesov
, Arminfo news agency, Yerevan
Mariam Betlemidze
, free-lance journalist, Tbilisi
Vadim Dubnov
, RIA-Novosti news agency, Moscow
Beka Gomelauri
, Mtsvane Talga radio channel, Tbilisi
Ani Hovasyan
, Heqt news agency , Yerevan
Nijat Mustafayev
, APA news agency, Baku
Nino Narimanishvili
, Southern Gates newspaper, Akhaltsikhe
Zhanna Ulyanova
, Gazeta.Ru, Moscow
Olesya Vartanyan
, Ekho Kavkaza radio channel, Tbilisi

Zhanna Ulyanova, 'Gazeta.Ru', Moscow
'It is great that we spend this much time talking to ordinary people

Nijat Mustafayev, APA, Baku
"as many opinions as respondents..."

Vadim Dubnov , RIA-Novosti, Moscow
"...This story is even deeper and more controversial than I thought..."

Alexander Avanesov, 'Arminfo', Yerevan
"Armenia is interested in construction of Lazika..." 
Mariam Betlemidze, free-lance journalist, Tbilisi
"We would find out nothing, if not coming here..."
Beka Gomelauri, Green wave radio, Tbilisi
"It was very important
Olesya Vartanyan, Ekho Kavkaza radio, Tbilisi
"Working professionally..."
Samira Ahmedbeyli, Azadlyg newspaper, Baku
" is beyond all my expectations..."
Nino Narimanishvili, Southern Gates newspaper, Akhaltsikhe
"This trip made me change my mind entirely..."
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City in the mind's eye

The journalistic expeditions arranged by the GO Group Media to the remote regions offer a simple way to contribute to the solution of a complicated problem of society dissociation. The unity can be achieved only through mutual understanding, and the only way to understand each other is to know each other. About 10 or 12 journalists from the leading newspapers, news agencies, radio and television channels usually join us in such expeditions. The articles and reports they write and broadcast after returning back home tell thousands of people throughout the country about the problems, ideas and hopes of those who speak different language, live according to different traditions but still are the citizens of the same country. This time the expedition was multinational – journalists from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and Russia participated in it.
Eеven though the construction of the city of Lazika has already begun, all the concepts of it can still only be found in the officials’ imagination. Right now, there is neither the development plan and the budget, nor the environmental evaluation of the project, while this city is designed to be the second largest city in Georgia, and is supposed to amaze the world by its beauty, functionality and its own liberal economic policy.

The Ministry of Justice of Georgia, which for some strange coincidence is in charge of building Lazika, proudly promises to lodge the first inhabitants of the new city very soon, in just two years. The same ministry, however, admits that it still has no clear understanding of the new city's concept. The ministry aknowledges also  that more details about the plan to build Lazika may come to existence not earlier than this autumn, when a certain special conference for investors takes place.

The area of the future city covers a part of the Kolkheti national park, which is protected by the Ramsar Convention, therefore, the journalists took a keen interest in the ecological aspect of the project.

The predictions of several ecologists the journalists met in the course of the mission, were quite dreary – if Lazika is built, the sea will flood a considerable part of the land and reach Kutaisi.

However, the journalists had had the opportunity to make sure that some experts’ predictions could be exaggerated – for example, in Tbilisi we were told that basements of the new hotels in the renewed resort Anaklia were already flooded, which apparently was not true: the journalists made certain that people lived in those hotels and everything was fine with basements there as well.

The journalists spent a lot of time communicating with the locals. An innocent bystander could have an impression that all the inhabitants of Lazika are either satisfied or very satisfied. On closer examination it was clear that people were simply afraid to get in trouble for being frank with journalists. Many of Anaklia’s residents were forced to yield parts of their land to the state. Representatives of both local and central authorities persuaded the journalists that every single person had been compensated.

However, human rights activists and local journalists told us about many violations, as result of which many land owners suffered.

Materials published by the participants

Others' homes
Olesya Vartanyan, Ekho Kavkaza
Преклонный возраст Нугзара Кирия выдает седина. Все 70 лет своей жизни он провел в Анаклии. Не уехал даже в мрачные 90-е, когда почти все соседи двинулись из этих мест в поисках лучшей жизни. Read more...
Construction can wait
Olesua Vartanyan, Ekho Kavkaza
На пустыре посреди вечных болот возвышается каркас первого здания Лазики. Двухэтажное строение, напоминающее стеклянную колбу, предназначено для будущих правителей нового города. Read more...
Resort by the military base
Olesua Vartanyan, Ekho Kavkaza
До той стороны рукой подать - новый туристический городок буквально упирается в абхазскую административную границу. В конце нового бульвара возвышается насыпной холм в человеческий рост.  Read more... taking part in journalistic investigation
Nino Narimanishvili,
ახალი ქალაქის-ლაზიკას მშენებლობისა და ანაკლიაში მიმდინარე პროექტების მოსანახულებლად, ორგანიზაცია ”გოუ ჯგუფმა” ჟურნალისტური ექსპედიცია მოაწყო... Read more...
Group of journalists to investigate Lazika
მედია ორგანიზაცია „გოუ ჯგუფის“ ინიციატივით დღეს ქალაქ ლაზიკის მშენებლობის შესახებ დისკუსია მოეწყო... Read more...
Mikhail Saakashvili's 'Sun City'
Vadim Dubnov, Radio Svoboda
Правитель решил возвести новый город, он обратился к подданным с телеэкрана и сказал... Read more...

Why does Armenia need Georgian Gibraltar?
Alexander Avanesov, Аrminfo
В октябре 2012 года в Тбилиси состоится международная конференция ученых и доноров, на которой...  Read more...
Heaven in the swamp
Zhanna Ulyanova, Gazeta.Ru
Грузинские власти перешли к новой тактике «завоевания» отколовшихся от республики территорий...  Read more...
New judicial system to be created special for Lazika
Nino Narimanishvili,
ანაკლიის პატრიოტთა ბანაკის მახლობლად, დაჭაობებული ტერიტორიის გვერდით... Read more......
Radio reportage
Beka Gomelauri, Green Wave radio
A Georgian Metropolis Rises from the Marshes
Mariam Betlemidze, Transitions Online
Building Lazika is a bit like gambling on a shell game. Read more...
New city to be constructed in Western Georgia
Nijat Mustafayev, APA
В современном мире стирается грань между городами и селами: строятся новые города... More...
Bataqlıqda turist gözləyənlər
Samira Ahmedbeyli , Bizim Yol
Qara dəniz sahilləri. Dənizin orta yerində dəmir konstruksiyalar üzərində çin memarlıq üslubunda tikilmiş restoran. More...
Bataqlıqda turist gözləyənlər
Samira Ahmedbeyli, Bizim Yol
Turizm mərkəzinin inşasında siyasi maraqların prioritet olduğunu təsdiqləyən digər məsələlər də var. More...
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