E y e w i t n e s s  S t u d i o  P r o f i l e

The work of the Eyewitness Studio is supported by COBERM, which empowers ordinary citizens to make change in Georgia and broader South Caucasus through filming and blogging



The Eyewitness Studio is a groundbreaking project enabling ordinary citizens from divided, often conflict-affected communities in the Caucasus region, to share their personal views and experiences through the medium of film. Throughout four years of work, the Studio involved hundreds of people of different professions, ages and cultural backgrounds living in different parts of the Caucasus. Each of them has become a recipient of hands-on training in film-making and use of new media tools. Over 300 short documentaries produced by the Eyewitness Studio have presented ordinary citizens with an opportunity to say their say about issues on their minds and have served as an incentive for both authors and viewers to play a more meaningful role in the places they live

We discovered hundreds of stories, among them:

The noise of trains is the best music for the hero of this film. He is the creator of a unique copy of the Georgian railway. Despite a number of lucrative offers, he refused to sell it and still runs the trains, strictly adhering to the schedule

Dato runs 80 kilometers every day. Running is hardly only the passion for him, it is also a meditation.

The author and the main character of this beautiful film is a shepherd who leads the flock to the distant mountain pastures

Films on the Internet and in real life

All the Studio’s films have been broadly disseminated online - through the website, Youtube channel, Facebook, Twitter and Live Journal accounts. The outreach efforts also include broadcasting of the films on local televisions across the region and community screenings accompanied by discussions. Eyewitness Studio also holds regular film screenings, most of times, in distant areas, supporting people-to-people contacts across divides and isolation. The Studio has relied on new media formats to overcome public cynicism and apathy in the Caucasus


Watch the film here
Watch the film here
Watch the film here
Watch the film here
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