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About CAC School

This unique corse brings together young journalists from across the conflict-ridden South Caucasus region to provide them with advanced practical knowledge of documentary filmmaking, photography and investigative reporting, and, importantly, to introduce them to the main theoretical concepts and applied research skills in the field of conflict resolution

How it works

- it employs, innovatively, a ‘blended training approach’ (combining face-to-face and online instruction) to allow the trainees to enrich their personal perspectives and improve their professional expertise without having to discontinue their current journalistic practices for long periods of time

- it is individually-oriented, its well-tried teaching scheme providing that the trainee-trainer ratio at any given training session is never more than four to one, and thus ensuring maximum consideration for each learner’s specific needs and competencies

- while one-off dialogue events are not uncommon, arranging for opinion shapers from the region’s conflicting societies to converge “on neutral ground’ to talk and exchange their conflict narratives, our project opts, uniquely, to give them a chance to engage in a sustained collaboration arrangement, which, understandably, has a better chance of yielding lingering results

Investigative reporting
Photo journalism


Ibragim Chkadua, photo journalism
david Pipia, filmaking

Mark Grigoryan, investigative reporting
Margarita Akhvlediani, conflict analysis, investigative reporting

Students and alumnies 

Class of 2015:

Stella Adleyba, Sukhum/i
Saddam Aliyev, Baku
Spartak Avetisyan, Yerevan
Aghunik Aivazyan, Akhalkalaki
Khatia Gogokhia, Gali
Aygun Rashidova, Baku
Aslan Kutelia, Sukhum/i
Shako Mamukashvili, Tbilisi
Mariam Sargsyan, Stepanakert
Yan Yanovsky, Tskhinval/i
Victoria Tigieva, Tskhinval/i

Class of 2014:

Byulbyul Aliyeva, Baku
Azamat Bagaev, Tskhinval/i
Alim Beteev, Tskhinval/i
Zafas Gamgia
, Sukhum/i
Nino Kakhishvili, Tbilisi
Tato Tsetskhladze, Batumi
Tika Martirosyan, Yerevan
Mikheil Simonyan, Tbilisi
Ilona Khvartskia, Sukhum/i
Aydan Yusif, Marneuli

class of 2012:

Elmira Abgaryan, Yerevan

Sabina Alieva, Baku
Knar Babayan, Stepanakert
Londa Beria, Tbilisi
Asmat Chkotua, Sukhum/i
Turaj Ibragimova, Marneuli
Boris Karslyan, Ninotsminda
Said Shonia, Sukhum/i
Levan Zhorzholiani, Tbilisi

class of 2011:

Sabina Abubekirova, Baku
Teo Betlemidze, Tbilisi
Arman Garibyan, Yerevan
Vaso Guleuri, Gori
Kerim Gumbatov, Marneuli
Olga Jonua, Sukhum/i
Kristina Marabyan, Akhalkalaki
Nino Narimanishvili, Akhaltsikhe
Zarina Sanakoeva, Tskhinval/i
Gana Yanovskaya, Tskhinval/i

Student feedback

Londa Beria,
Тbilisi (class of 2012)
'I know we will stay friends and will keep in touch even after complete studies'
Levan Zhorzholiani,
Tbilisi (class of 2012)
'It's a great chance for a professional growth for me'
Sabina Aliyeva,
Baku (class of 2012)
'I learned how to film and how to photograph; now I laso now how to build an article..."'
Said Shonia,
Sukhum/i (class of 2012)
'Obviously, the SChool is great incentive for me'

Workshop photos


Workshop video

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